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Eton and Windsor Album


Album of drawings and paintings in oil and watercolour, of landscapes and views around Eton; the playing fields; the Wharf; Keats' Lane; Major Brewer's House; Datchet Lane; Sheep's Bridge; South Meadows; Windsor Castle and Deptford by William Evans. 90 leaves, numbered in pencil with page numbers top right corner

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Content (note)

The majority of sketches in pencil, brown wash, two with chalk, five with white heightening, four oil studies, nine watercolours. Two drawings on the pages of the album, and some prints
Inside of front cover landscape study
p. 1 blue sugar paper flyleaf, blank
pp. 2-4 blank
p. 5 Reproduction of George Richmond's 1844 drawn portrait of Edward Coleridge (1800-1883), Fellow of Eton and Vicar of Mapledurham
pp. 6-12 landscape drawings and paintings
p. 13 reproduction of Keate House
pp. 14-20 landscape drawings and paintings
p. 21 reproduction of Samuel Evans theatrical painting
p. 22 figure study
pp. 23-33 pencil landscape studies
pp. 34-37 painted landscape studies
pp. 38-47 pencil landscape studies, some with figures
pp. 48-51 pencil and painting landscape studies
p. 52 print and pencil study
p. 53 figure study
p. 54 reproduction of painting
p. 55-57 book plates
pp. 58-84 (evidence of item removed from p. 82 verso and 83 verso)
p. 84 verso pencil landscape study
p. 85 blank
p. 85 verso pencil figure study on album page
p. 86 blank
p. 86 verso pencil figure study on album page
pp. 87-89 blank
p. 90 blue sugar paper flyleaf, blank

Physical description

Green leather bound volume, with marbled paper covers, and blue sugar paper end papers. Lettered in gold on spine 'Miscellaneous Sketches Evans'




19th century
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