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Photograph Album of College


Photograph Album of College: c. 1932


Content (description)

Photos of College, Schoolyard and surrounding areas taken c. 1932 .


height: 63mm
width: 26mm
depth: 32mm

Physical description

Small black leather bound album, with gold lettering "photograph" across the centre.



Hills and Saunders (Photographer)



History and association

Associated object

PA-A.10:1-2012 (part of collection)
PA-A.10:2-2012 (part of collection)
PA-A.10:3-2012 (part of collection)
PA-A.10:4-2012 (part of collection)
PA-A.10:5-2012 (part of collection)

Object history note

The individual photographs are digitised and catalogued from PA-A.10:1-2012 to PA-A.10:35-2012
image 162736
image 19255
image 19266
image 19277
image 19284
image 19285
image 19286
image 19287
image 19288
image 19289
image 19256
image 19257
image 19258
image 19259
image 19261
image 19260
image 19262
image 19263
image 19264
image 19265
image 19267
image 19268
image 19269
image 19270
image 19271
image 19272
image 19273
image 19274
image 19275
image 19276
image 19278
image 19279
image 19280
image 19281
image 19282
image 19283
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