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R. L. Bickerseth' Photograph Album


Photograph Album of R. L. Bickersteth: 1922 - 1926


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Photographs collected by R. L. Bickersteth at Eton 1922 - 1926. The album includes photographs of Eton buildings, boys, group portraits and sports, as well as paper/book clippings.

R. L. Bickersteth was the middle of three brothers who attended Eton, the album does include mentions of his older brother (E. R. B. 1918 - 1923), and younger brother (A. W. B. 1924 - 1928).

The boys were all in the same houses when they were at school together, E. R. B and R. L. B in F. E. Robeson's house until he left in 1925. Then R. L. B. and A. W. B. in C.A. Gladstone's house.


height: 281mm
depth: 43mm
width: 384mm



Bickersteth (Compiler)


Hills and Saunders (Photographer)


1922 - 1926

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Object history note

The individual photographs are digitised and catalogued from PA-A.5:1-2012 to PA-A.5:36-2012.
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