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Print: sitter/s unidentified


Content (description)

J.C.M.Rose and S-8 cine camera opposite School Library, Jane Bown, 1977?

Physical description

Monochrome photographic print




History and association

Object history note

Box 31, famous photographers, A.C.R.Armstrong-Jones and Jane Bown
image 139965
image 139960
image 139961
image 139962
image 139963
image 139964
image 139965
image 139966
image 139967
image 139968
image 139970
image 139971
image 139973
image 139974
image 139976
image 139977
image 139978
image 139981
image 139982
image 139983
image 139984
image 139985
image 139986
image 139987
image 139988
image 139989
image 139990
image 141042
image 139959
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