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Photographs of Old Etonian Bishops
Esto Perpetua Floreat Etona Eton Bishops of My Time

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Portraits: Old Etonians, Bishops, 1883


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Collage of photographs of Old Etonian Bishops. Compiled by Charles Allix Wilkinson, Rector of Boxworth.


height: 84cm
width: 67cm


This picture was presented by Canon George L. Gosling (Eton 1886-1891), of The Nide, 6 Lancaster Road, St Albans. The following is an extract from his letter:

"I have a collection of photographs of Etonian Bishops mounted and framed. These were collected by my Grand-father, the Rev. C.A. Wilkinson, who was Prepostor (I use his spelling) on the night when Keate flogged about 110 boys in the year 1832, as recorded in my Grandfather's book "Reminiscences of Eton (Keate's time)" published by Hurst and Blackett in 1888, of which there is probably a copy in the College Library.

There are 24 photographs, ranging from Archbishop Sumner. to Bishop John Selwyn, and the names, with their sees, of many othes, of whom presumably my Grandfather could not obtain photographs.

In the centre is one of the well-know silhouettes of Keate, and an autograph signature. My Grandfather played in the Eleven in 1830 and 1832, and records that in 1831 there was no match against either Winchester or Harrow. He was afterwards, I think, curate to Keate when he left Eton. All this leads up to my wish to offer the Eton Bishops to Eton.

17th November, 1943.



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