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A balance sheet was first drawn up in 1872 and was included in the audit books, which otherwise continued with the medieval system of tituli until they were discontinued in 1900. The signed annual accounts and the auditors' reports for 1900-1927 were bound in two white vellum volumes, but there seems to have been little attempt to keep the signed copies together after 1927. However, a search through the piles of duplicates unearthed many of them and COLL/ACC/1/3 are the volumes created by binding them, with unsigned copies to make up the set where necessary. A duplicate set from 1872-1927 (lacking 1894, 1902, 1914-1917) was made up at the same time. The auditors mention sending as many as 40 copies of the report and accounts to the College. The majority of these found their way to the floor of the Bursary store, in complete disorder. Most have been destroyed but two loose copies for each year have been kept. Of these, some bear the initials of Sir Henry Marten, others of the Bursar or Assistant Bursar. The accounts of the School as opposed to the College are included from 1928 on. Before this date, it is necessary to consult the separate School Fund accounts. The titles have varied: the heading was Eton College, except from 1928-1934, when it was changed to Eton College and school, and from 1900 the account was described as Statement of accounts instead of General Statement of accounts. Since 1971 the description is Annual Accounts.


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