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Bursars' transfers




1746 - 1820

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These are summaries of the accounts showing the amount to be paid to the incoming bursars by their predecessors and the debts they had to settle. They apparently went through several stages and although some are signed others are clearly drafts. They are usually given the contemporary title Transfer or Transferred Account and the date of the accounting year just passed. However, the date of the final transfer may be as late as June the following year, no doubt to allow for late payments and the resolution of disputes. Supporting papers may be folded in with the main account. The accounts take the form of bifolia, those for 1797-1810 having been folded together as though for binding. Expenditure is shown on the right, receipts on the left and the summary of money transferred and debts to pay usually below the receipts. The amounts received by the Fellows from fines, which do not appear in the audit books, are included.

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