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Bursars' correspondence and papers



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This series was taken from boxes marked 'from the black sacks in the Bursary'. They were possibly considered still semi-current and therefore not seen by Noel Blakiston when he sorted uncatalogued archives roughly by decade.


1832 - 1956

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37 boxes

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The majority of these records date from the first half of the twentieth century, filling the gap between the end of the COLL/B/1 series and the start of the subject files COLL/B/SF, though there are overlaps in both directions, notably on 19th century building projects. Most concern internal Eton matters although there are some papers on agricultural estates. Subjects include air-raid precautions, the collections, College Chapel organ (including 19th century correspondence), drainage, examinations,houses - with bundles on individual houses as well as more general material, Lower Chapel, salaries, the Millington-Drake gift, prizes, the Provost's Lodge, the Sanatorium, school buildings, town planning and war damage.

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