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COLL OB 03 01


Indenture to establish obit




6 May 1470

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1. William Westbury, Provost, and College of Eton 2. Thomas Barker, executor of the will of John Bonner, former Fellow of the College. 100 marks given to the College to buy property worth at least 5 marks p.a. for an obit for Bonner on 23 January in perpetuity. 2s for the Provost, 12d for Fellows and Magister Informator, 5d for priests, chaplains and usher, 4d for clerks, 6s 8d for scholars and choristers for lights. 20 marks to be paid to the Bishop of Lincoln if default. 6 May 10 Edward IV. Seal tag with traces of wax. Endorsed: Mr Thomas Barker No. 33; Gift of 100 marks for an obit for John Bonner (11) [Marten, 1724]; Westbury (Ed. IV) [20th century]

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