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ECR 39 127


Royal Patents: Grant of manors




24 February 1462

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Grant in frankalmoign to William Westbury, Provost, and the College of Eton, that they may pray for the good estate of the King and of Cicely, his mother, while they are alive, and for their souls after they are dead and the souls of the King's father, Richard, late duke of York, and their forebears, of the hospital of St Peter by Windsor, the manor of Bledlowe [Bledlow], co. Bucks, and Cottesford [Cottisford], co. Oxford, formerly parcel of the alien priory of Okebourn [Ogbourne], the alien priory of Stratfeldsay [Stratfield Saye], with all its possessions, cos. Hants and Berks, the portion of the alien prioress of Clairruissel in the church of Mapilderham alias Mapildram [Mapledurham], co. Oxford, with the fruits and emoluments of the same, the alien priories of Cogges and Mynstrelovell [Minster Lovell] in the same county with their possessions, the manors or alien priories of Cretyng [Creeting] and Everdon, cos. Suffolk and Northants, with their appurtenances, the alien priories of Dockyng [Docking] and Sporle, co. Norfolk, with thoir appurtenances, a yearly farm of 13s 4d, which the prior and convent of Thetford used to pay of a certain impost to the house of Cluny, a pension of 2 marks yearly which the prior and monks of Horsham St Faith of the order of St Benedict, co. Norfolk, used to pay to the abbey of Conches, a pension of 40s yearly from the churoh of Alveley, co. Essex, the priory of Leomynstre [Leominster], co. Sussex, with its appurtenances, the manor of Estwrotteham [East Wrotham], co. Norfolk, with its appurtenances, parcel of the alien priory of Okebourn the fruits of the church of Elyngham [Ellingham], co. Hants, the manors or priories of Clatford and Hullavyngton [Hullavington], co. Wilts, with their appurtenances, the manor or lordship of Hynnepedyll alias Peydelhynton [Piddlehinton], co. Dorset, lately belonging to the alien priory of Mortayn, the fruits of the church of Sturmynstre Marshall [Sturminster Marshall] and certain lands and tenements, co. Dorset, late of the alien house of the hospital of St Giles of Pont Omer, the alien priory of Stoke Courcy [Stogursey], co. Somerset, with its appurtenances, and 100s yearly which the abbot of Redyng [Reading] used to pay for lands in Esthenrith [East Hendred]. Given at Westminster by the King.

The Great Seal, natural coloured wax, on doubled tag

Existence and location of copies

Enrolled on the K.R. Memoranda Roll among the recorda of Easter 2 Edward IV, rot. 3 [Public Record Office. E.159/239]. There is a copy of this document on ECR 39/108

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Cal. Patent Rolls 1461 to 1467 p.73
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