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ECR 49 318 47


Sandwich, Kent: Lease




8 December 1458

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1. Andrew Tye, vynter
2. Thomas Hakker of Sandwich, vintner
Tavern at Davyes Gate Corner with 2 seleus and seches by ground with a chamber above, going into the said chamber through the parlour beneath, reserving to ANdrew all the housing above, and the shop in front with all little cawet (court) under the stair for ale in summertime.
16s 8d a quarter.
Thomas to quit Andrew for all wine in the tavern and all reckonings made before the date of this lease.
If Andrew supplies malmsey or red or white wine Thomas is to pay £5 for the butt of malmsey and £6 13s 4d for the wine.
Thomas is to keep good rule and behave himself towards Andrew.
Conception of our Lady 37 Henry VI
Tag with traces of seal.
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