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ECR 60 01 01

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ECR 60 01 01


Statutes: Liber Originalis



Other Number

ECR 60/1a


[1447 - 1455]

Extent & medium

1 volume; Vellum; ii + 32 +2 +2. Cords for seal attached.

Content description

The Statutes of Eton College [1452-1453] f.i (v) Note of division of statutes into three parts, 15th century. This division was based on number of folios rather than the contents. f.5 (v) Statutes f.34(v) List of seventeen parochial festivals, 15th century Guard: Letter with sign manual of Elizabeth I,'The dispensing statute' annulling Statute 25 and allowing each Fellow to hold one benefice worth not more than 40 marks p.a., 11 June [1566] Guard: Memorandum of the decision of the Visitor in the matter of the complaint of members of King's College Cambridge concerning the holding of benefices by Eton Fellows, 5 August 1815

It bears the signature, R.(ex) H. (enricus), at the top of the first membrane, and again at the end of Statute 63. It contains a part of the blue and white threads by which the King's Great Seal was once attached to the volume. It includes the additional Statute 64 on a separate membrane sewn into the book which is signed by the King as above, both at the top and at the bottom.

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A translation by Noel Blakiston is available at ECR 58
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