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ED 107 03


Letter from Robert Crawfurd Antrobus



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At Eton 1842 - 1847



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Lists crews of Boats, with comments. Good skating; many boys went to Frogmore on report that the Duchess of Kent had given permission which turned out to be untrue. Pleased Shaw-Stewart is not steering the Eight. Not enough money collected for a hurdle race but there will be a running race with 3 heats. Shame that Hawtrey didn't give Lascelles leave to visit him. Does not know if Cuff is kissed by F. Coleridge now but the writer certainly is not. Antrobus mi has been very ill. Lascelles has taken de Ros's place 'in a certain quarter where you used to be very loving'. PLACE: Eton College

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Photocopy of letter to Hon. Dudley de Ros

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