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Oedipus Coloneus, Sophocles





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Written out in large Greek script for G. MacMillan KS, by S.H. Willink KS, D.J. Ridley KS, M.D. Birchall KS, M.M.G.P. Slot KS, J.A.N. Waterhouse KS, P.S. Bentlif KS, J.P. Clarke KS, J.N. Rogers KS, K. St Johnston KS, Hon. R.H. Joliffe KS, C.P. Hardcastle Barcsai KS, R.P. Minney KS, T.H F. Raison KS, W.H.N. Wilkinson KS, A.H. Barnes KS, H.T.D. Graham KS, M.C. Stokes KS, O.N. Dawson KS, C.S.T.J.T. Staughton KS, M.W. Roskill KS, N.M. Temperley KS, C.N. Ascherson KS, P.H. Oswald KS, S.L. Egerton KS, W.B. Cook KS, R.T. Renton KS, R.H.A. Amis KS, C.A. Burney KS, A.J.R.G. Milner KS, M.R. Kenyon KS and others

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