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ED 250 04 04 01


Walter Durnford: 'Walter's letters'




1883 - 1888

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4 items

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Envelope, marked 'Walter's letters', containing:
/1 letter to his mother, describing his arrival in Greece. 27 March 1883
/2 postcard to his sister Fanny, describing his reception by the King of Greece. 8 April [1883]
/3 postcard to his mother from Greece. 8 April 1883
/4 letter from Aunt Louisa, describing Lord Winchester's sale (if the dating of this letter from the death of John Paulet, 1801-1887, 14th Marquess of Winchester, is correct, this must be Louisa Keate as his paternal aunt Louisa died in 1884). 19 February [1888]

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