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Ordination papers for John Chaloner Chute



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Son of Charles Chute of The Vyne, he was a King's Scholar at Eton from April 1895 to July 1900. He won both the Russell and the Tomline Prizes, and was in College Wall and Field Xls. From Eton he went as a scholar to Balliol College, Oxford and after accompanying Edward Bridges, later 1st Baron Bridges, on a tour to Asia he returned to Eton as an assistant master in 1906. In January 1921 he became a house master (in Durnford House, though he moved to South Lawn in 1927) and he retired in December 1936. He had taken orders during the war and in 1938 was presented to the College living of Piddlehinton in Dorset. In 1942 he became Archdeacon of Sherbome and shortly before his death was appointed Archdeacon Emeritus of Salisbury.


1913 - 1941

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5 items

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1) Licence from the Bishop of Oxford to perform as Assistant Chaplain at Eton College, 21 December 1913; 2) Ordination by the Bishop of Oxford as Deacon, 21 December 1913; 3) Ordination by the Bishop of Oxford as Priest, 20 December 1914; 4) Colllation by the Bishop of Salisbury to a canonry at Salisbury, 30 September 1941; 5) Collation by the Bishop of Salisbury to the Archdeaconry of Sherborne, 30 September 1941

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