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Programme for Eton v. Yale



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This was the first time a game was played 11-a-side and the visiting team would have influenced the match to be played as faithfully as possible to Association Rules as first codified and published by the Football Association in England in 1863. Seeing that 11 men on a team was a better number, Yale then campaigned for this to be adopted for all Ivy League matches, and although it took a couple of years of convincing, this did come to pass. The Yale v Eton encounter is the first recorded overseas international encounter in football history. Yale College beat Eton 2-1


December 1873

Content description

Game played at Hamilton Park, New Haven, Connecticut, Saturday 6th December 1873,
match card, front cover with gilt & blue printed frame, motif and text reading ETON, YALE, FOOT BALL MATCH, HAMILTON PARK, SATURDAY, DEC. 6th, 1873,
The centre pages contain the line-ups, the Eton XI comprising G.C. ALLEN, P. ALLEN, J.W. BALFOUR, C.W. BENSON, E. CHAPLIN, E.S. HAUBURY, R.M. McKERRELL, H. ROMILLY, EARL of ROSEBURY [stet], R. RUSSELL, H.M. THOMPSON, the Yale XI comprising E.V. BAKER '77, H.D. BRISTOL '74. C. DEMING '72, F.L. GRINNELL '75, W.S. HALSTEAD '74, W.O. HENDERSON '74. A. HOTCHKISS '75, H.J. McBIRNEY '75, P.A. PORTER '74 & T.T. SHERMAN '74,
the back page a printed scoresheet, which has not been filled in


Found preserved in a scrapbook, where it was only pasted to the left-hand side. The scrapbook was compiled by Nathan P. Tyler, who attended Yale between 1872 and 1876. He studied medicine.

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The College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta have the only other known example of the Yale v Eton programme

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