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MS 430 01 01 01*


Anne Thackeray Ritchie collection: BOX A: Letters to Anne Thackeray Ritchie and others from various correspondents (A-B)





Extent & medium

1 box containing 65 envelopes

Content description

Includes letters from:

Acland, A.W.D.
Aga Khan, H.H.
Aïdé, Hamilton
Airlie, Countess of (Blanche)
Aitchison, J.
Allingham, Helen
Alverstone, Richard Evevard Webster
Amberley, Lord John
Anderson, Mary
Annerstedt, H.
Anonymous Admirer
Appleton, Thomas
Argyle, Duchess of (Elizabeth)
Argyle, 9th Duke of (John Douglas Campbell)
Arnold, Matthew
Austen-Leigh, Richard Arthur
Ball, Julia
Barine, A. [M. Bentson]
Barrie, J.M.
Bartley, E.
Basu, K.C.
Battersea, Lady Constance – 2 envelopes
Baxter, A.S.
Bayne, Alicia
Becher, Ley
Becker, Lydia G. (Manchester National Society for Women’s Suffrages)
Beeching, Canon
Beerbohm Tree, Herbert
Bell, Florence
Belloc-Lowndes, Marie
Bertie, F.L.
Besant, Walter
Bhopal, Sultan of (including Abdul Aziz and S.J. Bayley)
Bennett, Arnold
Birley, Robert
Birrell, Augustine
Birrell, Eleanor
Boehm, J.E.
Booth, Charles
Booth, Mary
Borlace, Sarah
Borwick, Leonard
Bowen, G.E.
Boyle, E.V.
Braddon, M.E.
Bradford, Sheila
Bradley, A.C.
Bradley, G.G.
Bradshaw, Henry
Brickdale, E.F.
Bridge, Admiral
Broadwood, Lucy
Brooke, Margaret
Brooke, Stopford
Brotherton, Mary
Broughton, Rhoda
Brown, John
Brown, William Haig
Browning, Fannie
Browning, Robert (3 envelopes)
Browning, Sarianna

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