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MS 917 01

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MS 917 01


Cazalet family papers: Loose documents




18th century - 20th century

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79 files

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This part of the collection is formed of loose documents stored in three cabinet folders, and chiefly contains correspondence between the family and its circle.


These papers were stored across three filing cabinets - their original location within those cabinets has been noted.

MS 917 01 01: Cazalet family - early history
MS 917 01 02: Mrs W.M. Cazalet
MS 917 01 03: Succeeding generations
MS 917 01 04: Edward Cazalet/Victor Cazalet
MS 917 01 05: Victor Cazalet
MS 917 01 06: Thelma Cazalet-Keir
MS 917 01 07: British Prime Ministers
MS 917 01 08: J.M. Barrie, Augustus Caspar John, Rudyard Kipling and others

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