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"Football at the Wall" at Eton; "bully just outside good calx"

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assigned by artist


Engraving showing a group of boys playing the wall game. A chimney sweep sits on the wall and a street light and the boys' house known as The Timbralls is seen beyond him. Weston's is seen to the left of the composition.


This print was issued as an illustration to 'The Graphic' on Saturday, 29 January 1876. It was engraved by Horace Harral (1817-1905), after an original design by Leslie Ward (1851-1922). Accompanying text in The Graphic, came from information furnished by Eton Master Frank Tarvner. It included:

"The game of "Football at the Wall" as played at Eton is of such a complicated nature that it would be all but impossible to make it intelligible to the uninitiated but gor the excellent sketch with which our artist has supplied us... Our artist's sketch represents a "bully" formed just outside and short of "good Calx," so-called because the wall at right angles to 'the' wall renders the retention of the ball within "shy" getting limits easier than in the opposite Calx, where there is no such boundary wall..."


Content (object)

sports & games

Content (place)

Eton College


height (sight size): 345mm
width (sight size): 517mm

Physical description

Plain black frame (framed by D. Westwood)



image 6367
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