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Eton College Boat House



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In 1895 the Eton College Boating Company [ECBC], which had acquired freehold premises in November 1894, was renamed the Brocas Boat House Ltd. The Eton College Boat House [ECBH] association was set up in 1910 and took over the premises, stock and general business of the Brocas Boat House Ltd., which was wound up. It also purchased the stock of Winter's boatyard, while the College acquired his premises. The College then owned the whole premises of Rafts plus Winter's and the ECBH paid rent for it, although they received an annual payment of £250 from the School Improvements Fund for the upkeep. Substantial improvements to the premises took place in 1911 and 1912, in which year the ECBC also purchased some cottages in Brocas Street. Additional freeholds were also purchased and many changes and upgrades to the premises have taken place. In 1978 it was agreed that the College should purchase all the freehold and leasehold premises, the assets and the goodwill, and these were transferred to a new company called Eton College Boat House Ltd.


1910 - 1979

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