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1902 -

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These are the directories for the College, giving lists of staff, lists of boys in alphabetical order and by house (from 1971 only), societies and games officers, colours, College livings, and daily activities.

Fixtures first appeared in Summer 1902, but contained only a list of officers for the half [e.g. Captain of the Oppidans, President of Pop], and dates for the half. At the rear, they contained train timetables.

The first time a directory of masters was included is Summer 1903, when they also list cab fares and Post Office regulations. A list of the Provost and Fellows first appears in Lent 1904, along with a list of College livings, and “notable” Etonians, such as those holding a Cabinet position, Bishops and Judges that year.

From 1939, Societies and their Keepers are listed, and Dames get a mention too for the first time. Lists of boys only begin in 1971.

In 2018, the diary that appears in the back of Fixtures was reduced to key dates such as dates of halves, Chapel services, trials, parents’ meetings. Sports fixtures, society meetings and other school activities were moved to an online calendar.

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