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Publications: Fourth of June programmes



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The Fourth of June is an annual celebration of the birthday of George III. A gala day as near as practicable to the actual date is held when parents, friends, and relations are made welcome. Alongside a number of exhibitions and sporting events, the day features Speeches and the Procession of Boats followed by fireworks. Many Old Etonians, particularly expatriates, still meet for the Fourth of June.


1904 - 1954; 2014 - 2021

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35; Includes digital records

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These programmes contain the daily schedule for the Fourth of June celebrations. These include: morning chapel, speeches, bands playing, afternoon chapel, luncheon, cricket, absence, procession of boats, fireworks, etc.

Earlier editions include photographs of boys on the front and back of the programmes, these include boys who are: Captain of the Boat, Captain of the Oppidans, Captain of the Eleven etc. Later edtions are without photographs.

Also includes a Programme of Grand Fireworks Display, 1928.

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