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Bursar: Vouchers




1681 - 1945

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Bundles of vouchers and bills. Earlier bundles may include receipts for rent or notes of payments made. Builders' bills often take the form of booklets, with detailed descriptions of work carried out and materials used. In particular a series of books from the carpenter Mr Griffin should be noted, covering 1727 - 1735, which includes his work on College Library. (COLL/B8/5) 1733 is missing and 1734 and 1735 were found with other vouchers for their years, but 1727 - 1732 were found as a group. In 1723 there are bills for work on the apartments in Windsor Castle of Richard Sleech, a Fellow of Eton who became a Canon of St George's in 1722, and in 1721 a bill from Thomas Rowland to Dr Richardson, another Eton fellow, for a model of a library. There is a small group of receipts for 1782 book purchases (COLL/B8 24 ) The earliest item is a single bill for 1653 for elms planted in the playing fields (COLL/B8/A).There are gaps in the coverage, particularly 1683 - 1727, and 1735 - 1770s.
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