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Bursar: Boarding house files




1905 - 1964

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These files were originally part of the Bursar's regular filing system (ref B. 3.3. number for house). They are a record of the Bursary's dealings with house masters about the boarding houses , including the private sides, and cover not only details such as decoration and boiler servicing but also alterations and extensions. They give therefore a very good picture of what the houses were actually like and the conditions for house masters, boys and staff. They mainly cover the period 1930 - 1950, so include Hodgson House, now demolished, and Carter House, no longer a boarding house. Details on the requisitioning of Hodgson House by the Admiralty are included. Most files have within them a sub-file of dealings with the Works Department responsible for carrying out the various jobs, as well as the correspondence with the Bursar

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For earlier correspondence on files see COLL/B5/17

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