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Bursar: Correspondence with housemasters




1946 - 1981

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After WWII housemasters could choose to cease to be entirely responsible for the running of the `hotel' side of their houses and the College took over such items as food stocks, boys' furniture and so on. These files all deal with housemasters who entered the new system. Many reflect the actual change, with valuations, lists of food stocks, estimates of dilapidations and so on, reflecting the state of the house at the time of transfer. Subsequent correspondence includes such matters as allowances for various aspects of running a house, including wages paid to house staff, physical state of the house and alterations, overspends and legal action for unpaid school fees, as well as the inventories and dilapidations generated by subsequent house moves. The amount of work invlved in running a boys' house is clearly shown by these files.

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