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1440s - present


This sub-fonds consists of estate records which were not kept with the main run in the drawers of College Library, and so were not catalogued by Noel Blakiston.

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From the late 19th century estate material can usually be attributed to an officer of the College, eg the Bursar or Junior Bursar, so their files should be consulted. The Junior Bursar's papers also include 17th and 18th century material; it is not clear where he found it, but he generally kept this earlier material separate from his current records.

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The first detailed catalogues,the typed volumes ECR (Eton College Records) 1 onwards, list the contents of the drawers in the library where the records were kept. Each volume covers the contents of one drawer, which usually relate to one estate. The vast majority of the records created before the foundation will be found in these volumes. Subsequently many other papers have come to light and while some deeds have been listed as addenda to the relevant volume most of this material is listed as COLL/EST/estate name. These lists are not yet online but are available to readers.

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