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In Statute 35 it is ordered that nothing should be sealed with the College seal unless it had been written in the register after "mature deliberation" by the Provost and Fellows. The register was to be written by a "learned and discreet" clerk. For the first years of the College's life all types of instrument were entered in one book but it was then found more convenient to separate the recording of leases from more formal business and a lease book was begun in 1457, although there was initially some overlap.

Edward Betham (Fellow 1771-1783) and Joseph Goodall (Provost 1809-1840) both made notes in Registers 1-3 and Goodall clearly worked on them extensively. He paginated them in red ink, and it is probably to his period that we should date their existing bindings.


1445 - 1989

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Recorded in the registers are the elections of Provosts and Fellows, including any necessary oaths; presentations to College livings; letters from the Crown; probates of wills and grants of administration.
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