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Papers of Richard Durnford, 1843 - 1934



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Second child and eldest son of the Bishop of Chichester, Richard was at Eton from September 1853 to July 1861 and was elected a King's Scholar in 1855. He was in the Newcastle Select in 1861 and played in College Wall in 1860. He went on to King's College, Cambridge, where he won the Camden Medal in 1864 and took a 1st class but although he became a fellow of the college he then went to the Inner Temple and was called to the bar in 1869. In 1877 he became an Assistant Charity Commissioner and remained with the Commission until his retirement, being promoted to Secretary in 1900.

In 1884 he married Beatrice, daughter of Prideaux Selby, and the Selby family home of Paxton, at Berwick, was a favourite refuge thereafter, although Hartley Wespall House, inherited from his uncle Rev. John Charles Keate remained the family home. They had six children, two of whom were killed in World War I. (See ED 250/5). His elder daughter, Violet Mary (known as Mamie) married John Chaloner Chute, an Eton master.


1871 - 1934

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