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ED 352 12


Edward Barnard to Townshend, Charles, 1724 - 1807, 1st Marquess Townshend of Raynham




25 April 1772

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PLACE : Eton Coll.John Townshend very much in favour with all, and with such qualifications is pleased with his present situation which now, as he advances, becomes every day more interesting to him. Any extraordinary interruption in the course of his education may be infinitely prejudicial. Entreats his lordship to give up the satisfaction of his company for advantages which if not seized at this moment may never be retrieved. Speaks from experience of similar cases. Congratulates him on Lord Ferrers' credit and reputation at the university (George Townshend, 1753 - 1811, 2nd Marquess Townshend).


Formerly Ms.245Given by R.A.Austen Leigh

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als ; bifolium with single leaf

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Etoniana 56

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