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Eton War Memorial Fund (1943)



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On 4 June 1943 Viscount Cranborne (Robert Arthur James Gascoyne-Cecil (1893-1972), subsequently 5th Marquess of Salisbury) chaired a meeting at which it was agreed to set up an appeal fund in memory of Etonians killed in WW2. The 1914/18 Fund was taken as a precedent, with 90% of the money going to provide bursaries to enable the sons of Etonians killed or disabled to attend the College and the balance being used for a visible memorial. The Old Etonian Trust acted as trustee. In 1957, with demand for bursaries from those directly affected by the war tailing off, £25,000 of unutilised capital was transferred to the new War Memorial Bursary Fund (sometimes called Endowment Fund) and the remaining money in the 1914/18 Fund was subsequently added. In 1971, all the money remaining in the 1943 Fund was transferred to the War Memorial Bursary Fund.


1917 - 1976

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