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MS 917 03


Cazalet family papers: Volumes




1884 - 1984

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90 volumes

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A collection of scrap books, photograph and cuttings albums, visitors' books, autograph albums, and manuscripts. The volumes are as they were created by members of the Cazalet family - chiefly Molly Cazalet, Edward Cazalet, and Thelma Cazalet-Keir. The earliest cover the period at which the Cazalets were neighbours of Queen Victoria at Villa Liserb in the South of France.

The titles of most of these albums are taken from the spines of the volumes, which were bound by the family.


The volumes have been numbered and arranged in the order in which they were shelved by the family before their donation to Eton College Library.

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Restrictions: Papers in the Cazalet Family Archive would be accessible subject to the College determining whether there is any sensitivity in permitting access to readers to items in the Cazalet Family Archive relating to living individuals. Thelma Cazalet’s papers dating from 1960 until her death were closed untill 1 January 2019.

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