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Papers of Hugh Kenyon Marsden



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King's Scholar 1900-1906; Assistant master 1912-1951; Master in College 1923.3-1930.2; House master 1930.2-1946.2 A King's Scholar from 1900 - 1906, Marsden went on to Merton College, Oxford. He returned to Eton as an assistant master in 1912, and remained there until his retirement in 1951, serving as Master-in-College from 1923.3 - 1930.2 and then holding a house until 1946.2. He taught mathematics. His nickname was `Bloody Bill' but he inspired great loyalty and affection in some at least of the boys in his house. He was medically unfit for service in WWI but in the holidays volunteered at the Embarkation Office in Southampton, where his mathematical and organising ability (he acted as Quartermaster to the Corps for many years) were such that he is said to have done three people's work; he had to be ordered by the Head Master to take leave. After retirement he lived at The Briary, and his devotion to Eton was such that for some years he used to wait outside Chambers in the hope that a maths master would be staying out and he would be asked to fill the gap.


1905 - 1966

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6 1/2 boxes

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University notes; mark books; files of circulars relating to school organisation (many not preserved elsewhere); letters from old boys, parents and others - these include many from those serving in both world wars, and boys on National Service; a bundle of tickets complaining of boys' disciplinary or work offences, evoking a vivid picture of school life; papers relating to his Old Boy Club. There are also papers relating to his work at the Embarkation Office in WWI, including army orders


Files of circulars (SCH/M/HKM/1) were found in the archives. The remaining papers were deposited in two tranches, first by Sir David Money-Coutts, who was involved with the HKM Old Boys and the administration of the HK Marsden Fund, and then by HKM's great-nephew Robert Marsden (on whose behalf the earlier deposit was made).

Associated material

Reminiscences and copies of photographs : ED 208 Reminiscences and records of the Marsden Club : MISC/HKM SCH HOUS 03 HKM

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Wilfrid Blunt : Slow on the Feather (Michael Russell (Publishing) Ltd., 1986) Tim Card : Eton Renewed (John Murray, 1994) Peter Lawrence (ed): Grizel (Michael Russell (Publishing) Ltd., 1991) Eton College Chronicle, 2 January 1967

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