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Publications: Manuscript school lists



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Lists of the school were very likely produced before our first surviving example. They seem to have been written by boys, and may in some cases have been produced for their own interest, hence the multiple copies for some years. They were not specifically preserved at the College; most of the copies we possess have come to the archives through gift or purchase. They may differ in arrangement eg some have nobles at the top, others put all Collegers first then move to Oppidans. Although printed lists were not produced regularly until 1790, there are at least two examples here of printed lists of an earlier date (see eg the copy for 1780 in /69).


1698 - 1792

Associated material

See also lists in Provost Goodall papers (COLL/P1/21)

Publication note

R.A.Austen-Leigh : Eton College Register 1698 - 1752 and 1753 - 1790 R. A. Austen-Leigh : A List of Eton College in 1771 (1903) R.A.Austen-Leigh : Eton College Lists 1678 - 1790 (Spottiswoode & Co. 1907)

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