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Eton Benevolent Fund



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The Eton Benevolent Fund (sometimes referred to in the documents as the Eton Fund) was established in 1848 to assist Old Etonians who had fallen on hard times. Its foundation was connected with the short-lived Etonian & General Life Assurance & Endowment Society (the Etonian Society) whose directors initially supervised the Benevolent Fund and some of whose profits were paid over. The Fund also solicited donations and following the merger of the Etonian Fund with the Equity & Law Life Society these were its source of income. An 1879 circular (MISC EBF 7/3) refers however to a fund called the Eton College Benevolent Fund raised at Eton for distressed Etonians, apparently largely from masters, and suggests annual subscriptions as a way of extending it. This seems to have been a separate initiative that merged with the Eton Fund.



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See also the records of the Etonian Society, MISC ELA

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