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For much of the currency of these records, cricket was organised in a number of clubs. New boys entered Lower Sixpenny, in which they moved by merit between 10 games. Once in Upper School, until the age of 16 they played in one of five or six games of Upper Sixpenny and thereafter in Lower Club. This had four or five graded games and after a year boys moved on merit to Upper Club (the best 22 or so in the school), Second Upper Club, or for the remainder, one of the four Middle Clubs. The House Cup was a knockout cup played after Lord's but there was also a house league from which lower boys, Upper Sixpenny and first Upper Club were excluded. A separate inter-house league known as junior Cricket was for boys in Lower and Upper Sixpenny only.


c.1798 - 2007

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A compilation of cricketers' scores 1805-1887 is with the records of the Eton Society [Pop] to whom it was presented. See also records of Masters' cricket clubs, SCH M 04; SCH M 08 Records of servants' cricket club, COLL SCC Scrapbooks of G. Loder, ED 348

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