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Statutes of Eton College



Administrative / Biographical history

From approximately 1451 until 1871, the College was governed by a set of statutes approved by its founder Henry VI. In 1869, in obedience to the Public Schools Act 1868 (31 & 32 Vic. c.118), the Provost and Fellows appointed a New Governing Body whose first duty was to make a new set of statutes. These were approved by the Queen in Council on 3 November 1871 and the last meeting held under the old statutes was 21 November 1871. From that date the Founder's statutes were entirely repealed. A number of amendments were found to be necessary and these were consolidated in a new set of statutes approved on 24 October 1904. Further amendments followed, and a revised set was approved on 3 August 1945. The College is now governed by statutes approved on 24 October 1973, again somewhat amended. The most recent amendment was in 2016.


1444 - 2016

Associated material

ECR 58 - a translation of the Liber Originalis
MS 300 - earliest known copy of the Statutes, c.1451, presented by St John's College, Cambridge

Publication note

James Clarke: Eton MS 300. Summary, Description and Analysis (ts, 2000) [earliest known Statutes] James Heywood & Thomas Wright: The Ancient Laws of the 15th Century for King's College Cambridge and... Eton College (Longman, Brown, Green & Longmans, 1850)

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