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Vice-Provosts were originally elected annually from among the Fellows. The Fellows still appoint them but since the reforms following the Public Schools Act they have been chosen instead from among the assistant masters. The jibe 'The Provost does nothing and the Vice-Provost helps him do it' is now far from true. The Vice-Provost has particular responsibility for the College Collections, may take a lead in dealing with the College's livings, serves as College representative on governing bodies of other schools, sits on or chairs many committees and also shares with the Provost the hosting of many visitors and events on behalf of the College.


1750 -

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Not every Vice-Provost has left records; Tim Card was the first to leave extensive files. The subjects covered are likely to include arrangements for the choosing of and installation of new Provosts, gardens and grounds, livings and the College collections. Julian Lambart's papers contain details on the project to provide new kneelers for College Chapel as well as personal papers relating to his war service in WW1. Tim Card's papers contain much information not only on the publication of his two histories, Eton Established and Eton Renewed, but on the Eton Mission.

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Printed lists available to readers but the material listed here for VP 11 - VP 14 represents the total of papers for those individuals.

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