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1905 - 1947

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These records cover general practice in Eton from 1905 to the advent of the National Health Service. In 1896 a group of six of the local practitioners who attended the boys formed a Medical Board to advise the College but parents were at liberty to choose any doctor they wished, whether or not he was a member of the Board. The Eton doctors were inevitably most called on and the visits books record both school and community visits, though it is interesting to note the trend towards fewer home visits in general. Neither illness nor treatment are usually noted in these books. The financial side of running a practice is much in evidence. The doctors associated with the Eton practice during the creation of these records are Dr Attlee 1905-1946; Dr Amsler 1906-1936; Dr Beaumont 1925-1928; Dr Maxwell 1930-1945; Dr Lane 1943-1947; Dr Webb 1945-1947; Dr Wiley 1946-1947
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