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Papers of the Pemberton family



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Richard Laurence Pemberton (1831-1901) was at Eton from 1845-1851 in William Evans' house. His five surviving sons all attended Eton:
Ralph Hylton Pemberton (1864-1931), at Eton 1877-1883, later Bursar of Eton College;
Bertram Roper Stote Pemberton (1869-1943), at Eton 1881-1886;
Michael Watson Stote Pemberton (1876-1944), at Eton 1889-1893;
John Stapylton Grey Pemberton (1860-1940), at Eton 1874-1880, later MP for Sunderland;
Gerard Widdrington Stote Pemberton (1878-1946), at Eton 1891-1897


1874 - 1892

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41 items

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Letters home, bills, tradesmen's accounts, exam papers and tutors' letters. These reveal details on the problem of providing for boys when a house broke up; Hornby's attitudes to staff; details of school sporting life and membership of teams. The exam papers include Collections papers, which as non-formal school examinations have not survived elsewhere.


The original bundles have been preserved.

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